Learning Medicine: An Evidence-Based Guide

Learning medicine is hard, and you need the best tools at your disposal to make the most of medical school. Our book, Learning Medicine, offers a comprehensive, evidence-based method for learning medicine that will enable you to excel in your studies and further your medical career.

Learning Medicine builds on recent insights from learning and memory research to provide practical, actionable instructions for absorbing and retaining medical knowledge. In particular, Learning Medicine provides detailed instructions on how to make use of the powerful learning method called spaced repetition  to enable you to build durable and lasting knowledge that will serve you for years to come, breaking free of the “binge-purge” cycles of learning that happens with cramming just for exams.  Medical students (MD/DO) will be particularly well-served by our book, but any student of the health professions – nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy and the like – will find tremendous value from the tips and practices outlined in this book.

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“A great read and a great primer on how med students learn and think”

Jess F, med student, former teacher

“This book is going to change how we all study in med school”

Frank P, med student